March 20, 2016

GroupM’s "Live Panel" Transforms Media Planning with Greater Precision, Speed and Efficiency

GroupM today announced the launch of LIVE Panel, a new consumer and media insight solution enabling its agencies to more efficiently develop precise  and targeted media plans so advertisers can more effectively reach their audiences, measure outcomes and seize competitive advantage. With seamless  access to a global panel of more than 5.5 million consumers in 30 markets, LIVE Panel delivers the actionable insights needed to inform media decisions for  both global and local campaigns. The new platform connects with multiple data sources across Kantar’s market leading data and research assets and  integrates with the bespoke planning tools of GroupM’s media agencies to accelerate the time from insight to planning to implementation.  

November 05, 2015

6 Things That Define Malaysian Youth Today

This infographic is based on a study by GroupM Malaysia's Insights team. They surveyed a bunch of young Malaysians to see what they like and what they want. Here's what they found.

July 12, 2015

The Five Types of Malay Consumers

The Malays are the largest consumer group in the country but they are by no means homogenous. GroupM's new research offers incredible insights into the differences in their mindsets and consumption habits.

May 31, 2015

GroupM identifies 5 distinct Malay Segments in terms of attitudes and behaviour

GroupM has just issued the latest in its ongoing series of consumer insights studies. The new release looks into the behaviours and mindset of the Malay population in Malaysia and showcases the rapid changes taking place with this country's biggest population group over the years. The Malay study, now

in its 7th year, revealed a 40% increase of urbanites and a 69% increase for its middle to high-end household income earners.

May 24, 2015

Five Distinct Malay Segments Identified!

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May 24, 2015

GroupM Kaji Populasi Melayu

Kuala Lumpur: GroupM (GroupM), syarikat operasi pengurusan pelaburan media global mengumumkan hasil terkini mengenai kajian pandangan pengguna yang fokus kepada pemikiran dan tingkah laku populasi Melayu di Malaysia serta perubahan pesat dalam kumpulan populasi terbesar negara itu sejak setahun lalu.

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